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Maigan 'MJ' 
and Lady

It's been a pleasure to meet and work with each and every one of you that walked in to Dr B's Mountain Clinics. I connected with so many, and hope you will find me on other platforms, and reach out to me outside of the clinic. 
My contacts for the clinic will be available for a period of time, please reach out to me at or text to 720-485-0420. 

Please check out my new adventures below, where you can contact me, and see me more than once a year!
Lady will be by my side through every step. Thank you for your support and for loving her, and Blossom, all these years. I am truly grateful. 

Stay Safe out there, Peace & Prosperity, 

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Co-Host of the Cannabis Closet Potcast
w/ CannaQueen & MJ

Started in January 2021 with the mission to educate the masses and talk about Cannabis, life, and all the good and bad things in between. We encourage community, and equality, and aren't afraid to tell you why. 

It's a highly enjoyable two hours every Monday & Wednesday at 4:20pm MST
Check out our socials, and Live platforms:

Roll up, Show up, I can't wait to sesh with you, 
~ MJ


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Owner / Distributor
Queen Kitty Seltzers w/ CBD

Why? Why Not? 
After a few traveling podcasts, and an impromptu meeting, a new friend offered to put our faces on their drinks, we said OK!
Mighty Kind powers our Colorado Owned and Operated, Queen Kitty Seltzer - 
a bubbly 10mg CBD drink guaranteed to have "No Yak In The Back", No Sugar, No THC, is Gluten, and Vegan Free, and Delicious. 

Now available for wholesale opportunities in Colorado

Grab a Can o' Queen at select locations in:
Durango, Telluride, Vail, Craig, and Frisco

Find all our socials and contacts:



CQLLC RVT 8x11 v2.png

Cannabis Education with CQ LLC

Certified by the state of Colorado for Responsible Vendor Training. 

CQ LLC Offers more than just RVT, they are ready and able to help your facility get back on track with a personalized rescue plan. 

Check out out contact info here:


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