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About Dr B
& the Medical Cannabis Efforts in Nepal

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Barry Bialek, MD

Medical Director

Boulder, Colorado


Over the past 30 years, Dr B has practiced family and emergency medicine in the US, Canada, and Nepal. Although his practice is based in conventional Western medicine, Dr B understands that Western medicine is only one face of health and healing.


Dr B's career path began in 1974 as a US Peace Corps volunteer in the Himalayas of Nepal.

While teaching math and science in a remote village high school, Dr B began to recognize his dual passions: medicine and sustainable community development (SCD). While on the surface these appear unrelated, they are deeply connected. The human body is similar to the human community: each has a series of systems that function together well in order to be truly healthy. 


While in Nepal, Dr B met his Guru, a disciple of Shiva, who trekked through the mountains of Nepal in search of truth and Himalayan medicinal herbs. One of these herbs was Ganja, aka Cannabis, and Dr B learned about it as medicine from a master.

After returning from Nepal, Dr B earned his MD degree at George Washington University before moving to Toronto, Canada, where he completed his residency and earned his board certification in Family and Community Medicine during 1987. 

Dr B has been fortunate to pursue his second passion - SCD - across the globe. Though his SCD work has taken him to Israel, Native American reservations, China, and Ethiopia, his main focus always returns to Nepal, where his work has directly benefitted more than half a million people. 


Please visit for more info and to find out how you can help.  


Education & Professional Training                                                                                     

  • University of Michigan Honors College, BA

  • George Washington University, MD

  • University of Toronto, Canada, Family Medicine Residency

  • University of Toronto, Canada, Obstetric Fellowship


Board Certification

  • Family & Community Medicine

Military Service

  • Lt Commander, Commissioned Corps

      US Public Health Service

      Indian Health Service

Academic Appointments

  • University of Toronto, Department of Emergency Medicine

  • University of AZ, Department of Family Med

  • University of Colorado, School of Engineering

  • Israel Institute of Technology, School of Engineering

Doing Well By Doing Good

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